A simple 2-conductor wire connects the geophones to the computer.
Near surface exploration seismic systems, sometimes called engineering seismographs, are used for earthquake site response, rippability surveys, depth-to-bedrock, groundwater exploration, geologic hazards, shallow reflection surveys, shear wave surveys and multi-channel analysis of surface waves MASW.
Exploration Seismographs, Wall-Lock Borehole Geophones, Land Streamers, Rollalong Switches
Wall-lock borehole geophones are used for down-hole shear-wave velocity surveys as a predictor of earthquake site response, material types, foundation strength, and permability.
Used for high productivity seismic surveys. The string of geophones is towed along the ground by hand or vehicle. The Land Streamer has a special tripod base for stability. Kevlar-reinforced webbing with loops to secure cables.